What To Do With Old Bowling Balls

What To Do With Old Bowling Balls [Creative Ideas]

Are you wondering what to do with your old bowling ball?  Check out this article for alternative options including selling, donating, reusing, and repairing. Learn if you can recycle your bowling ball and where to donate it.

When you've reached the end of the life of your favorite bowling ball, it's time to decide what to do with it. While you can throw it away with your regular trash, there are many alternative options available.

You can sell it online, give it to friends or family, reuse it, or repair it and continue to use it. Unfortunately, you can't recycle bowling balls in the traditional sense, as most recycling centers don't accept them due to the blend of materials they are made from.

But many organizations and charities accept donated bowling balls, including local bowling alleys, youth centers, thrift stores, zoos and farms, and online. This article explores these options and more to help you find the best solution for your old bowling ball.

Use for Challenging lanes

Use for Challenging lanes

If you're an avid bowler, don't toss out your old ball just yet. Just because a ball is aging doesn't mean it has lost its usefulness. In certain situations, an older, less reactive ball may be exactly what you need.

An old ball that has seen better days tends to behave similarly to urethane balls, which have a classic motion and will always be useful.

Used balls have a more regulated and consistent response compared to new bowling balls. When the lane conditions are challenging, and your high-performance balls are hooking excessively, it's time to bring out the old ball.

It might assist you in creating a modest and manageable hook. If you are considering using a urethane ball, give your old ball a chance and see how it performs.

Donating Your Unwanted Bowling Ball

Donating Your Unwanted Bowling Ball

One solution for getting rid of a surplus bowling ball is to donate it. Some various organizations and individuals would be grateful for the contribution.

  • High school bowling teams
  • Special Olympics programs
  • Youth bowling leagues

These groups continuously require equipment to make the sport of bowling accessible to those who are interested in participating.

Due to the high cost associated with getting into bowling, many young and beginner bowlers are hesitant to take up the hobby. By donating your unused ball, you can help to reduce barriers to entry and promote the growth of the sport.

Where To Donate Your Bowling Ball

Donate Your Bowling Ball

1. Contact Local Bowling Centers and Pro Shops: Reach out to your nearest bowling center or pro shop and inquire about donating your ball. Many of these operators will be happy to take the ball and provide it to someone in need.

2. Local Bowling Programs: If your local bowling center or pro shop is unable to take the ball, consider reaching out to local bowling programs. This could include the high school bowling coach, the director of the special Olympics, or local youth leagues.

3. Thrift Stores: Although not all thrift or secondhand stores accept bowling balls, it is worth checking around and trying to find one that does. For example, while some Goodwill stores may not accept them, Value Village or Saver’s may.

4. Get Creative: Think of someone who may be interested in getting into the sport and could use an older ball. Get creative and explore different options to find someone who will be grateful for your donation.

Eco-Friendly Disposal of Bowling Balls – Is it Possible?

Eco-Friendly Disposal of Bowling Balls

Do you want to dispose of your old bowling ball in an environmentally responsible manner? Unfortunately, conventional recycling is not an option for bowling balls. Most recycling centers do not accept them as they are made of a combination of materials, including thermoset plastic or urethane, that are either impossible or too costly to recycle.

While it may be rare, there is a small chance you could find a recycling center that accepts bowling balls. If you're determined to recycle your ball, make some calls to see if you can find one that will take it. The ultimate goal of recycling is to reduce waste in landfills and give items a new purpose.

Although traditional recycling may not be possible, there are still many other ways to reach the goal of sustainability. Instead of discarding your bowling ball, think about giving it a new life through repurposing or donating it to a charity organization.

Upcycling Bowling Balls: From Trash to Treasure

Upcycling Bowling Balls- From Trash to Treasure

Are you looking to give your old bowling ball a new life? Upcycling can turn it into a beautiful piece of art or a fun, new game. Here are a few ideas on how to upcycle your ball:

1. Repair: If your ball has sentimental value and needs a little TLC, consider repairing it. Sand down bumps, use a crack repair kit to fix any damage and apply a few layers of polish to restore its glossy finish.

2. Garden Border: If you have a collection of old, cracked bowling balls, use them to create a unique border for your backyard garden. This adds visual interest and protects your soil from washing away during heavy rain. If you don't have enough balls, you can even cut them in half to double their length and use them as a gazing ball.

3. Arts and Crafts: Unleash your creativity and transform your old bowling ball into a work of art. You can paint it, cover it with glass tiles, or turn it into an adorable snowman. There are plenty of tutorials available online that can guide you through the process.

4. New Game: Tired of indoor bowling? Turn your ball into a lawn game like oversized billiards or a modified shot put. Get creative and make a unique game that you can play with friends and family.


There are several alternative options for old bowling balls, such as selling, donating, reusing, repairing, or upcycling. Donating the ball to local bowling centers, youth leagues or thrift stores is a great way to help promote the sport and reduce barriers to entry. Unfortunately, conventional recycling is not possible for bowling balls due to the blend of materials they are made from. However, upcycling offers creative solutions, such as repairing or transforming it into a work of art or a new game. By giving your old bowling ball a new life, you can also contribute to sustainability efforts.

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