What Shoes can you wear bowling?

What Shoes Can You Wear Bowling? Are Regular Shoes OK?

Are you planning on bowling with some friends or family? What shoes can you wear bowling? Bowling requires you to wear specially designed shoes, not your ordinary shoes. You can order the shoes online or from your local bowling shop.

What shoes can you wear bowling? Always have the proper bowling shoes when at the bowling alley. Bowling shoes help you slide along the path without tripping. They also help maintain cleanliness in the bowling alley and avoid damaging the floors. You can always hire a pair from the bowling center or buy one.

To know more about the best brand of bowling shoes available, how to clean your bowling shoes, and more, just read on!

Can you bowl in crocs?

Can you bowl in crocs

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) disapproves of using crocs in the bowling alley. Bowling shoes approved by the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) must have certain features that help the player maintain stability when sliding and releasing the ball.

It's important to remember that bowlers must wear two shoes—one with treads to offer grip when the bowler slides and another that can slide. Unlike bowling shoes, crocs often have identical designs on both legs, making them unsuitable for bowling.

Why Are Socks Necessary when Bowling?

Why Are Socks Necessary when Bowling

Must one wear bowling shoes with socks? No, it’s not mandatory. Many individuals make that decision for hygienic reasons because the rental shoes may need better cleaning and sanitizing.

If not sanitized, bacteria can thrive well in the shoes, and you may get a fungus infection from using the shoes. Socks are a great way to protect your feet from dirt and diseases.

Most bowling shoes are tight, so wearing socks is also a good idea to avoid blisters.

Tips for Maintaining Clean Bowling Shoes

shoes and balls for bowling on the background of the playing field

You should thoroughly clean your bowling shoes after each game to remove the dirt and sweat that might have accumulated. Here is how to clean a pair of bowling shoes.

  • Remove the laces and the insole from the shoe before cleaning.
  • Brush off any mud or other debris that may have formed on the shoes using a gentle bristle brush.
  • Wash them by hand with a microfiber cloth and some gentle detergent.
  • After washing, spray the shoes with an isopropyl alcohol or similar disinfectant solution to kill any remaining germs.
  • Ensure that the shoes are completely dry before using them again.

Don't use toxic chemicals or scrape too vigorously when cleaning your shoes, as they may cause damage. A good pair of bowling shoes may last for years if you take good care of them.

Should You Buy Bowling Shoes?

Are you a frequent bowler? If not, it’s not worth investing in bowling shoes, but it is a good idea if you are.

Owning a pair of bowling shoes means never worrying about whether they fit well. You also won't be stressed about whether the bowling shoes you hire are clean. Having this assurance before a game will help you focus more on the game and improve your scores.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bowling Shoes

Size. You can get bowling shoes in every typical size, but they may still need to be a good fit. Check the shoes’ width; although some bowling shoes are often narrow, many models are available in wide sizes. If you want to order the shoes online, try them in a bowling alley pro shop to ensure they fit perfectly.

In addition to good performance, a good pair of bowling shoes will also keep your feet comfortable.

Design. Bowling shoes have an undeserved reputation for being ugly and uncomfortable. Modern bowling shoes, however, may be rather fashionable once you step out of the shoe rental booth. Many mimic the design of stylish leisure shoes. Moreover, a good pair of bowling shoes will keep your feet comfortable.

Weight. No bowler wants to have a heavy shoe on the approach. Many bowling shoe models are very light, yet they serve their function well. Some pairs have mesh uppers that let air in, making your feet feeling fresh.

The Best Bowling Shoes Brands.

Good bowling shoes improve your game and lead to more excellent scores by increasing your stability and preventing your feet from injuries. The best brands available include:

  1. The Brunswick Vapor
  2. Kam Bowling Shoes for Men, by Dexter
  3. KR Flyer Mesh Strikeforce.
  4. Men's BSI #751
  5. Pyramid Men Path

How to Identify Bowling Shoes.

Best Bowling Shoes Brands

Bowling shoes have a unique design, often with low heels and bright colors. They are sometimes deliberately packaged in mismatched pairs. The two shoes are not similar, one shoe has a sliding sole, and the other has a rubber sole to help you stop sliding.

You'll also notice that bowling shoes are shaped differently from other athletic footwear. The tailored fit surrounds your ankle and foot, giving you firm stability where you need it most.

Preventing Slipping When Wearing Bowling Shoes.

If you have decent bowling shoes but still slide too much, brushing the sole of your shoe in-between frames will help. Use a polyester or wire shoe brush, available at most pro shops, to rough up the sliding sole.

The Barefoot Bowls.

Participants in barefoot bowls play lawn bowls without wearing shoes. It's a great way to spend the day in the sunlight with the grass under your feet with some competitive fun, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. A barefoot bowls tournament may be as basic or elaborate as you want.

Why do my heels ache after bowling?

It's possible to have some discomfort in your heels after a game of bowling due to Tendo Achilles syndrome. The Achilles tendon is the most prolonged and potent in the body, which causes discomfort at the back of the heel and rear of the ankle. You may subject the tendons to strain while bowling due to the need for fast, precise movements.


The bowling shoes have a unique design that helps the bowler to slide without falling. You can hire bowling shoes from your local bowling alley or buy your own. Since bowling shoes are expensive, cleaning and storing them after every use will make them last longer.

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