What is a Turkey in Bowling?

What is a Turkey in Bowling? Three Strikes!!!

Are you new to the world of bowling and wondering what a turkey is? Or are you an experienced bowler who wants to learn more about this popular term in the game? Either way, we’ve got you covered. In this complete guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about a turkey in bowling – from its history and significance to how it’s scored. So grab your ball, and let’s roll into the exciting world of Turkey Bowling.

Are you looking to up your bowling game and impress your friends with new lingo? Look no further than Turkey in Bowling. But what exactly is a turkey, and how can you achieve this coveted feat on the lanes? In this complete guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about turkeys in bowling, from their origins to tips for achieving one yourself. So let's hit the alley and get ready to gobble up some strikes.

What is a Turkey in Bowling?

Turkey in Bowling

A turkey in bowling is three strikes in a row. This is considered a good score and is often celebrated with a turkey dinner.

When you knock down all ten pins on your first ball, that's a strike. If you get another strike on your next two balls, that's a turkey. Three strikes in a row are also known as a “clean game.” Getting a turkey means you've bowled three strikes in a row without any open frames in between. Getting a turkey is challenging but possible with the correct technique and enough practice.

How to Bowl a Turkey

You first need to get a good grip on the bowling ball to bowl and score a turkey. You can ask your local bowling alley for help or look online for guidance. Once you have a good grip, aim for the center of the pins, using either an overhand or underhand motion. If you hit the center of the pins, they should all fall, and you will score a turkey.

Having a technique in bowling is a perfect way to score a turkey. Here are some of the tips to score a turkey:

  • Use the right bowling ball– The weight and size of your bowling ball are essential in ensuring you get a Strike. A heavier ball will increase your chances of knocking down all the pins, while a lighter ball may be easier to control but won’t have as much power behind it. Experiment with different weights and sizes to find what works best for you.
  • Develop your form– You must have good form to bowl a Strike. This means having a consistent stance, keeping your arm straight, and following through with your swing. Practice your form by going to a bowling alley or using a bowling simulator.
  • Perfect your swing– Besides having good form, you must also perfect your swing. This means finding the proper grip, RELEASE the point, and following through. Keep your shoulder relaxed, and don't tense up when you swing. Also, keep your hand close to your body as you swing back and forth.
  • Time your release– One of the most critical factors in scoring a strike is timing your release correctly. It means letting go of the ball at just the right moment so that it hits the pins at the ideal angle. Practice timing your release by throwing balls at different speeds and observing where they hit the pins.
  • Know where to aim– Another important factor in scoring a strike is knowing where to aim. The sweet spot is usually between the 1 and 3 pins, but this can vary depending on equipment and lane conditions. Experiment with different aiming spots to see what works best for you.

Where Did the Turkey Achievement Come From?

Where Did the Turkey Achievement Come From

The term “turkey” in bowling comes from the sport's early days when awarding a live turkey to any player who could score three strikes in a row was common. This practice eventually gave way to awarding a more valuable prize, such as fruits and vegetables, for this achievement.

While the origins of the turkey achievement are unclear, it is thought to come from the early days of competitive bowling. During these early tournaments, bowlers who could string three strikes in a row were often awarded a live turkey for bowling three strikes.

While the game has changed quite a bit over time, one tradition that has remained relatively consistent is the turkey achievement. It occurs when a bowler scores three strikes in a row and is often celebrated with a special ceremony or trophy. Though the original reason for the turkey achievement is no longer relevant, the name has stuck around.

How Much Is A Turkey Worth In Bowling?

How Much Is A Turkey Worth In Bowling

The points earned from a turkey depend on the scoring system being used. If you can get a turkey in a normal game of bowling, you will be doing exceptionally well. In some cases, each strike is worth 10 points so a turkey would be worth 30 points. In other cases, the final score will depend on how many pins are knocked down. The lowest possible score for a turkey is 60 points if the bowler only gets one pin on their first roll and then knocks down all nine remaining pins on their next two rolls.

In most cases, a turkey is worth 30 points. However, if a bowler manages to get a turkey in a game of bowling for a perfect match, it is worth an impressive 300 points.

Can Beginners Bowl a Turkey?

Can Beginners Bowl a Turkey

A turkey in bowling is when a player bowls three strikes in a row. This is generally considered a difficult feat, as it requires precise aim and consistent power to knock all ten pins down with each ball.

Turkey bowling is a great way to get into the sport of bowling. It's a fun, competitive activity that bowlers of all skill levels can enjoy. While it may seem daunting to try and bowl a turkey, it's pretty simple. All you need is a little practice and patience.


A turkey in bowling is when a bowler knocks down all ten pins in three consecutive throws. This is considered a strike, resulting in the bowler receiving thirty points. Turkeys are relatively rare in bowling but are more common in leagues and tournaments. They are also more common among experienced bowlers.


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