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Whether you're a beginner or an expert in bowling, checking how your score stacks up against your peers is essential. Bowling average scores compare performance between bowlers of a similar age set. You get some insights into your overall performance by checking your average score. You can use the score information to plan your future trajectory in this sport.

Herein is a detailed discussion of the average bowling score by age, and you will also learn what constitutes a good bowling score. But first;

How to Calculate Your Bowling Average Score


To get a score in bowling, you must knock down a pin. For each pin you knock down, you earn a point. When you knock down all ten pins in your first throw, it's called a strike, and you will be awarded ten points! Here is how to calculate your average bowling score;

Divide your total scores from the collective games by the number of games you’ve played. Round off the answer to the nearest integer, and what you will get is your average bowling score.

 To grade your performance, compare your score with your peers in the same category.

Average Bowling Score by Age: Kids Under 10

As with most sporting activities, age is a crucial determinant of how one can bowl. The average bowling score for kids under 10 years falls between 20 and 70. However, for kids, you need to manage their achievements.

Low bowling scores can feel like a blow to them. Thus, encourage them to score well by giving them a lightweight ball and cheer them regardless of the number of pins they knock down.

Average Bowling Score by Age: Pre-Teens 10 to 12

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Pre-teens and early teenagers are in the category of beginners in bowling sport. Thus, they are likely to earn low scores as they lack the power or skill to swing the ball correctly. Therefore, kids in this age group will likely have an average score ranging from 70 to 120 points. This age group will rarely hit a strike! But it can happen.

With good practice, kids in this age set can score spares, increasing their average bowling scores. As such, they should practice getting a straight shot on those straggling pins. Straight shots that are successful will comfort them from failing to get a strike.

Parents can come in at this age to support their pre-teens in building a foundation for good bowling techniques. Help them select a bowl that has a manageable weight, wear the appropriate footwear and learn lane awareness.

Average Bowling Score by Age: 13 to 15

Early teenage bowlers who frequently practice can secure average bowling scores ranging from 130 to 150. In some cases, they can even score an average of over 160. However, this is not common among all early teenage bowlers, depending on their skill level.

Average Bowling Score by Age: 15 to 30

Average Bowling Score by Age 15 to 30

Most bowlers in this age set are considered intermediate bowlers. Here is how their scores playout;

  • 15 to 19 years: Bowlers in this group can comfortably get an average score of 120 to 190 points. Most teens are physically grown at this age and have embraced the sport. They are now focusing on the game's technicalities, including swing form, force to apply, and spin.
  • 20 to 30 years: If you are yet to attain an average score of over 200 points, it's time to put in some extra effort. Bowlers in this age set should average 170 to 220 points. There are no physical barriers at this age, as most bowlers are physically matured and developed. Bowlers in this age bracket decide their bowling goals, either to be casual bowlers, league bowlers, or professional bowlers.

The older you are as a bowler, the higher the average score you should hit!

Average Bowling Score by Age: 31 to 45

Those who regularly bowls in this age bracket should have an average score between 200 and 250. From this age set, professional bowlers emerge, as it takes them about 20 years of experience to attain that level.

Players in this category have honed their skills and will likely participate in leagues. Don't be surprised to get trophies or cash prizes in their records!

Average Bowling Score by Age: 45 and above

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From 45 years and above, the body starts feeling weak as old age sets in. You will no longer enjoy the speed and energy you had from 15 to 45 years. Therefore, your average bowling score decreases to 120-150. However, with frequent practice sessions, you can still achieve an average of 200.

Average Bowling Scores and Gender

The average bowling scores for men are higher than that of women. However, this doesn’t mean that men are better bowlers than women.

The average bowling score for men is 160-220, while for women's is 150-200.

Even so, the average score depends on the player’s skills and level of training. The higher their training, the higher the chances of getting a better average score.

Other Factors Influencing Your Average Bowling Score

While age is a crucial determinant of your average bowling score, it's not the only factor! This explains why some young bowlers score more than adults while some elderly bowlers outplay the young. Below are some of the key determinants of your average bowling scores:

  • Weight of the ball: Heavier balls are likely to hit the pins well than lighter ones. However, the same heavier balls can cause fatigue, while light balls can drift along the lane. Thus, you need to balance the ball's weight and your gameplay.
  • State of the bowling lane: A smooth and well-maintained lane will give you a good bowling experience than one that is dented and unkempt.
  • Bowling frequency: Like any other sport, regular bowling will improve your chances of earning more points.

This is a partial list of factors that affect your average bowling score. Other variables impact your average bowling score.

What Constitutes a Good Bowling Score?

A good bowling score depends on your skill level;

  • Beginners should aim at achieving 50-80.
  • Intermediate bowlers 80-150
  • For professional; bowlers, a good bowling score should be in the range of 230-270, with a maximum score of 300 for advanced professionals.

Reaching 300 points is rare because of some variables beyond the players' control.


Who is the record holder of the highest score in bowling?

The record holder for the highest score in ten-pin bowling is officially recognized by the World Bowling as Sean Rash with 8 perfect games (300 scores) in a row in 2016.

What are 4 strikes in a row called?

In bowling, achieving four strikes in a row is referred to as either a “four-bagger” or sometimes even as a “hambone”. This means that the player was able to knock down all 10 pins within just four frames. So when you hear someone exclaiming “let’s see if she can get the 4-bagger” following her third strike—they are inquiring whether she will be able to complete an incredible feat of knocking over every pin for each of the remaining turns!


Having fun with friends and family is the highest achievement of a bowler. However, to enjoy the achievement, you need to compare your performance with that of your peers. While every bowler is different, the above-average scores will help you plan your future trajectory in this sport.

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