Highest Score In Bowling Without A Strike

The Highest Score In Bowling Without A Strike [190 Points]

It takes practice, familiarity with the bowling alley, and ball-handling skills for a beginner to become proficient at the sport and start knocking down pins. Therefore, you may be curious as to what your highest score without a strike would be. In this post, you will learn just that and get additional tips to improve your bowling score.

Scoring points in bowling is quite easy, provided that you have great accuracy and can knock down some pins. As a new bowler, however, you might find it quite difficult to toss the ball correctly and get some hits. What is the best fallback option, therefore, if you are unable to make a strike? Your best option would be a spare. Spares provide you the opportunity to complete a frame with two throws rather than one. This is how you can achieve the maximum score without making a strike: by striking any combination of pins that total up to 10, you can win a spare. Eager to learn more? Read on to find out.

What's the Maximum Score in Bowling Without a Strike?


A bowler who throws a spare receives ten points for knocking down every pin in that frame, plus the points gained from the first ball of the following frame. For instance, if the bowler removes seven pins with the first ball and three pins with the second ball in the first frame, they have rolled a spare. They take down four pins in their first toss and two in their second in the next frame.

As aforementioned, the highest score attainable without a strike is 190. You should, however, note that getting all 190 points would require more consistency than rolling a perfect game—when a bowler rolls 12 strikes in a row for a total score of 300.

What’s The Highest Score In Bowling?

To get the highest score in bowling, you need to bowl a perfect game. You need to roll 12 strikes in a row for a perfect game. Considering the odds are 11500 to 1, this is no easy task. It is, however, not impossible, as shown by Ben Ketola, who did it in 86.9 seconds. For a perfect game, you need a lot of practice and consistency. Keep in mind that even seasoned bowlers have trouble scoring a perfect game, so it may be some time before you get your first.

What Is A Good Score For Bowling Newbies?

What Is A Good Score For Bowling Newbies

As a newbie, you will most probably not be able to achieve a perfect game. So, you may wonder what the average score newbies get is.

In a typical first game, a beginning bowler will score between 50 and 70 points, whereas an average bowler will score between 130 and 150. Those with average skill may score as many as 200 points in a game of bowling. By now, you're bowling with the same skill as the pros. Bowling is a talent that can be honed with practice, and a 200 average demonstrates that you have done just that. Scores in the mid-200s are common for professional bowlers. You must consider a person's skill level while analyzing bowling score averages. Although there are some fortuitous situations where rookie players get solid strokes, novices often have lower bowling averages than those who play in leagues.

Pro Tip: When bowling in a professional competition, pay attention to the oil conditions of the lanes, as it can impact your score.

Factors Affecting Your Bowling Score

Bowling Score

Many factors may affect your score in a bowling game. The following are some of the common factors.

  • Timing of the release.
  • The weight of the ball.
  • The lane’s condition.
  • The speed of the ball.
  • The spin of the ball.
  • The angle of the ball’s trajectory.

All the above factors play a crucial role in the number of pins you hit. It is, therefore, important to take all of them into consideration when bowling.

How To Improve Your Bowling Score

It's possible to enhance your bowling skills and, in turn, your scores by doing several different things. We have put up the following list of suggestions for you to consider if you want to raise your bowling scores.

1. Get the right ball: Getting the right ball will make it easy for you to attain your desired results. Bowling balls come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and weights, and using a specific ball for a given stroke might provide varying degrees of success. A heavier ball is preferred when hitting for power, but a lighter ball is utilized for precision and control.

2. Grip the ball correctly: You may easily adjust the ball's speed, spin, and trajectory by using a variety of gripping techniques. Consider trying an alternative bowling method, such as the semi-fingertip bowling approach, if you are used to the traditional hand-gripping technique. You can control the speed and trajectory of the ball by using the semi-fingertip bowling technique, which will also help you hit more pins.

3. Focus on your release: After getting the perfect technique for gripping the ball, try and focus more on the release. This will make you improve your accuracy when hitting the pins. Every time you bowl, it's critical to keep the same release point, and technique since doing so will help you increase and sustain your strike rate. If you want to bowl a perfect game, this is essential.

Bottom Line

The highest score you can get in a bowling game without rolling a strike is 190 points. 300 is the maximum score possible in a bowling game; however, to achieve this, you would need to bowl a perfect game, which entails 12 strikes in a row. Bowling a perfect game is no easy feat; many compare it to a hole-in-one in golf. For a novice bowler, a score of 50 to 70 is reasonable.

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