What is No Tap Bowling Everything Explained

What is No Tap Bowling (Nine-Pin)?

Bowling is a fun sporting activity that you can engage in. But even as a professional bowler, you may not be familiar with the term “no-tap bowling.”

When bowling, different formats can be applied. No tap bowling is a format of bowling where only a specific number of pins are knocked down by the bowler. There are various processes for going bowling, and no-tap bowling is one of them.

This article will go over no-tap bowling in great detail. The game's rules and pros and cons of no-tap bowling when gaming. Read on!

What is “No-Tap Bowling”?

What is No-Tap Bowling

No tap bowling means you achieve a score equivalent to a strike when you knock down fewer than ten pins on your first ball. Mostly, you must knock down nine pins to get a strike in no-tap bowling.

No-tap bowling tournaments are for bowlers who are less experienced in the bowling game. Such players will likely need help knocking all the pins into the pocket at once. Although 9-pin no-tap bowling is the most common, 8-pin and 7-pin no-tap bowling are also available.

The term “no tap” means you are only obliged to hit down pins at once for a strike. For example, when playing the 9-pin no-tap bowling, you only hit 9 out of the ten pins in the first attempt to get a strike. The no-tap bowling enables you as a bowler to get strikes and‌ score points with less perfect bowling skills.

How to Score in a No-Tap Tournament

How to Score in a No-Tap Tournament

Even though the rules are most similar to regular bowling, some are basic. These rules always depend on the director of the no-tap tournament. The rules differ because nine and ten pins counted on the first ball and the nine pins after the second shot are enough to record a spare. Here is how you can score:

  • While playing, a gutter ball remains a gutter ball. The ball usually used in regular bowling is thrown to roll on the gutter and hit the pins.
  • When you knock a single pin, it is still one point. All these apply when you play the 9 or 9, not tap bowling. The only exemption is that in 9-pin, not tap bowling, you must equal it depending on how you reach the total.

This may seem ordinary and as a minor adjustment to small, but do you know how the last pin can affect the bowling results? How many times have you left the pin standing when bowling?

What Are The No-Tap Bowling Formats?

No-Tap Bowling Formats

  1. 9-pin no-tap bowling: The most common type of no-tap bowling is the Nine-pin no-tap. In a nine-pin no-tap, you only need to knock down nine pins instead of 10 to get a strike.
  2. 8-pin and 9-pin bowling: Both formats follow the rules of the 9-pin bowling format. They play under the same theory of handicapping the overall results while adding tweaks based on the pins involved.
  • Suicide no-tap bowling requires you to meet a specific score per frame without exceeding it. The higher average when you play in a suicide no-tap format will not be lower than in a regular no-tap tourney.

The different variations of no-tap bowling make the game even more exciting and fun. You have a wide range, whether 9-pin, 8-pin, or 7-pin no-tap bowling. All formats give the same experience that is almost similar to regular bowling.

Why Does the No-tap Scoring Method Exist?

The final results of no-tap bowling are mainly determined by the expert, intermediate, and novice players, even when the USBC rules apply. When you want to hold a tourney with an entry fee with bowlers of different experiences, it’s easier for the less talented players to win the prize allocated.

In Pro-Am tournaments where the more experienced bowlers mingle with the less experienced, the no-tap bowling rules that amateurs a chance to fight at competing against the best in the world.

Players who often feel out of place or shy about competing become invested in the game when the first ball of eight or nine pins gets a strike. It also encourages more players to get involved in what is happening at the alleys, which is much more fun.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No Tap Bowling

Advantages And Disadvantages Of No Tap Bowling

Just like any game, no-tap bowling has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing its benefits and drawbacks will also help you determine whether it is your best gaming style.


  1. Tap bowling will only allow you to get strikes and score points if you are experienced. It is a great way to improve your bowling skills and even for training kids and casual bowlers.
  2. No tap bowling is an improved way of bowling. This bowling rule is more interesting than the traditional bowling style.


  1. Getting used to no tap bowling can take a while. No tap bowling has its own rules that differ from the traditional ten-pin bowling rules, and making the shift makes you need to adjust your skills and mindset.
  2. It does not give absolute satisfaction. Even though no tap bowling is improved, absolute pleasure is obtained from traditional bowling. A win from no-tap bowling is less satisfying than from conventional bowling.

Is It Best to Play No Tap Bowling?

Even though no tap bowling is enjoyable, it is not the best gaming style for a competitive player. No tap bowling removes from you the motivation and challenge to improve your striking skills.

It is best to play traditional gaming to improve your unique skills than no tap bowling. The conventional gaming format will motivate you to strive for perfection in bowling and overcome any weakness during bowling.

Wrap Up

No tap bowling is an excellent way of bowling and is being liked by many. It has reduced the rate of losses if you are not a steady player. Even if you are a beginner, it is better to play no-tap bowling to get better at it and gain experience in it.

To spin the ball in this game, one does not need to exert much effort. Also, it is the perfect game for all age groups, classes, and genders, so even your kids can enjoy bowling with no risk of injury.

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