Do Bowling Shoes Run Big or Small?

Do Bowling Shoes Run Big or Small? Regular Size?

Did you know that there’s no industry-wide Bowling shoe sizing standard? And this is not unique to bowling shoes only. Throughout the athletic industry, most sports have no standard shoe size. This has made it exceedingly hard to size bowling shoes. So, do bowling shoes run big or small? Find answers to this and other related questions in this post.

A good rule of thumb when purchasing bowling shoes is to keep in mind that they run large. Men's shoes and bowling alley shoes are especially susceptible to this. The best way to find out if your shoe is the right size is by trying it at home and seeing how it feels when you walk around. If your shoe feels like it fits perfectly and you feel confident wearing it then that’s a good one for you.

It is important to note that the width of the foot plays a key role in shoe sizing, which can cause shoes that are longer than average (heel-to-toe length). The advantage of this is that you can wiggle your toes more easily, which will help you maintain your balance during bowling gameplay.

Tricks for Finding the Bowling shoes that fit you perfectly

Bowling shoes that fit you perfectly

There a number of tricks one can use to find what fits them well. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Put on the bowling shoes and try and fit your thumb finger in the back part. If the bowling shoes are the right fit, you will find some space at the back enough for your thumb; not too tight and not too loose.
  • Check for a wrinkle at the top of the shoe. Check for this after you have tied your bowling shoes. To do that, simply run the thumb across the widest part of the foot.
  • For a good fit, try walking a little to see that the heels of your feet are always inside the shoe and not flip flopping in and out of it.
  • Go to a bowling alley in your locality and try out different shoes sizes till you find what fits you. From that experience, you will have an idea of what fits and what doesn’t.

Your Ideal Dexter Bowling Shoe size

The Dexter bowling shoes do not run large. You should order a size up if you have wide feet. Dexter shoes are a good choice if you have narrow feet since they are designed to fit snugly.

Dexter bowling shoes are made with a narrow length and width. Therefore, they fit so well for people with narrow feet. For those with wide feet, it is best to order one or two sizes up to get the right fit for your foot. Dexter Sports has a shoe sizing chart to help you find bowling shoes that fit you.

Your Ideal Brunswick Bowling Shoe size

Ideal Brunswick Bowling Shoes

The size of Brunswick bowling shoes run large. For instance, if you are a size 10 bowler, there is a perfect snugly fitting Brunswick bowling shoes size for you. But there’s a caveat to this rule. A middle aged male looking for size 11 bowling shoes is better off with a larger sized shoe in order to get something that fits them well. The same is true for women athletes seeking ideal Brunswick bowling shoes.

Should Bowling shoes be sized up or down?

If you are seeking perfectly fitting bowling shoes with no much success, it is always recommended to go up and not down. Going down comes with the risk of ending up with sore feet and blisters. On the other hand, going big come with the guarantee of comfort. However, note that going big doesn’t necessarily have to mean going loose. Just go one size up while choosing your ideal fit.

Things to Consider When Choosing Bowling Shoes

A bowler's performance is greatly affected by the quality of their bowling shoes. Choosing the right bowling shoes can be a daunting task for anyone. There are several things to consider when buying bowling:

The Shoe Material

Different materials are used to make bowling shoes, but the most common are leather and synthetic leather. Leather is more durable than synthetic leather but requires more maintenance. Synthetic leather lasts longer, but it deteriorates faster than leather. You should choose the material based on your preference and how often you wear them.

The Size and Fit

It is important to get bowling shoes that fit well so they stay on track during play or turn on their own while walking around. If they don't fit well, they may cause blisters on your feet after a few minutes of wearing them around the house before going out to bowl at night.

The Style

Styles range from low cut to high top. Low-cut models provide more flexibility and freedom of movement than their high-top counterparts. High-top models offer more ankle support and protection from abrasion injuries caused by sliding on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

The Sole Type

Bowling shoes come with three soles – slip-on, stitched, and slip-on soles.

  • Slip-on bowling shoes are like regular shoes, except they have holes at the bottom for your toes. They are easy to put on and take off, but they can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods because they provide little cushioning or support.
  • Stitched soles are made of multiple layers of leather or synthetic material that are stitched together to form a thick sole to provide support while still being flexible enough to allow your feet to move freely.
  • Slip-on soles are like stitched soles except that they are not stitched together; each layer is glued together to form one piece of material. This makes them lighter than stitched soles and more flexible than slip-on bowling shoes.

Do Bowling Alleys have wide shoes sizes?

The selection of shoe sizes at a Bowling alley depends on a number of factors. If you have wider feet, you need bowling shoes that will guarantee comfort at all times. That notwithstanding, most bowling alleys have wide shoe sizes for different widths. Check online if you can’t seem to find the right fit in your local bowling shoe stores.

Are Bowling Shoes only in Men’s sizes?

Bowling Shoes only in Men’s sizes

Ladies who have tried looking for bowling shoes at the alleys may have notices that in most cases, the sizes are for men. The reason for this bias is standardization. Most of the alleys prefer to have more standard sizes of shoes, and the bulk of that number constitutes men’s shoes.

Luckily, some alleys stock half sizes of bowling shoes that are purposely designed to fit women. If you aren’t able to find a half size that fits you, try checking online.

Quite a number of the online stores that stock bowling shoes have both men and women sizes. If none of the online store you’ve checked happen to have women shoes, simply select from among men’s shoes with this in mind; men’s sizes are 1.5X women’s. Do the math and find the ideal men’s bowling shoe size that suits you as a female bowler.

How much should you spend on Bowling Shoes?

Bowling shoes come in a variety of high-quality designs at reasonable prices. When making a purchase, make sure you do your research and read reviews so as to find what’s best for you. The average price for bowling shoes ranges from $40 to $50. Besides price, your choice of ideal shoes for bowling should be informed by factors such as comfort, design, size, and durability.

If you are only getting started, you may want to minimize costs by opting for low priced shoes.

Best Bowling Shoe size for you

Best Bowling Shoe size for you

When it comes to choosing the right bowling shoes, it’s important to know what shoe size fits you perfectly. And as you might have guessed it, there’s a clear difference in sizes between men’s and women’s bowling shoes.

On average, the ideal shoe sizes for most male bowlers are usually 11 and 12. On the other hand, the ideal shoe sizes for most women bowlers are 8, 9, and 10. And then there’s the average standard unisex shoe size that fits most male and female bowlers and that is size 9.

Should You Rent Or Buy Bowling Shoes?

It's unnecessary to buy your shoes if you only bowl for fun every once in a while. The bowling alley will rent you a pair of shoes. A bowler who is serious about bowling or plans to join a league should buy their shoes. Leagues often require using league-approved shoes, which cost hundreds of dollars. If you bowl often, it may be cheaper to buy your pair.


So do bowling shoes run large? Yes indeed, they run large. There is a stack difference between male and female bowling shoe sizes. Most alleys have men’s sizes in stock and few or no sizes for women bowlers. On average, women’s bowling shoe sizes are 1.5 times bigger than that for their female counterparts.

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