Sport Shot Bowling Everything you need to Know

Sport Shot Bowling: House Shot or Sport Shot

In bowling, there are many terms that you need to familiarize yourself with, especially if you are a beginner. This article will focus on Sport shot bowling and everything you need to know.

Sports bowling refers to any ten-pin bowling that uses elaborate lane oil patterns designed to reduce the efficiency of today's bowling balls. The US Bowling Congress established the short sport game so that amateurs and professionals alike may experience the same lane conditions and oil patterns used by the PBA tournament.

Are you a bowling beginner and would love to know more about sport shot bowling? If yes, then keep reading!

Sport Shot oil Pattern

Sport Shot oil Pattern.

The ratio of sport short oil on the alley is 3:1. If you compare this to a home shot, you'll see more oil on the side and less in the middle of the lane. Your chances of success greatly depend on the accuracy of your shots and the equipment you use. Moreover, the patterns of sport shot oil may also differ in terms of their length:

  • The shortest oil patterns have a length of between 32 and 35 feet.
  • Medium-length oil patterns length is between 36 and 41 ft.
  • The most prolonged oil patterns measure 42 feet and more.

It's crucial to know the oil pattern you'll be bowling on. A lane sheet may help you determine what you need and where to start before throwing your first ball.

Perks of Bowling on Sport Short

Perks of Bowling on Sport Short

The sport's short oil pattern has more oil in the middle lane than on the sides. Unlike the house oil pattern, it's more challenging for the bowler, as you have to be keen to get a score.

When you start bowling, you will start from the house oil pattern, which is the easiest, then upgrade to the short sport pattern. This pattern will train your skills and experience to compete with pro bowlers, especially if you want to make bowling your career.

Increasing your Score in Sport Bowling

If you want to improve your sport shot performance, what steps should you take?

  1. The first step is to clearly understand your position, how to choose a reasonable goal, how difficult it is to make a shot, how to control your breaking point, and how to adjust everything according to your circumstances.
  2. Pay close attention during your warm-up to identify the precise spot of the oil and plan out your approach to the Shot.
  3. Remember each bowling ball's features and how they relate to the lengths of the pattern you're facing since you'll likely be using more than one ball while bowling sports patterns.

House Bowling Oil Pattern

Close-up of green bowling ball against background of empty lanes in bowling alley

Walking into several bowling alleys, you will find that almost every lane has a house pattern oil pattern, which is the industry standard. There may be slight variations in the oil pattern design between bowling alleys, but the basic principle of adding extra oil in the center compared to the edges remains the same.

House oil patterns are often set up for open bowling to increase average scores, while more severe leagues will set up more difficult alley conditions for competition.

How does the pattern of oil on the alleys affect bowling?

A right-handed bowler who misses the target to the left will find that the additional oil in the lane's center keeps the ball from moving too far to the right. There is less oil on the right side of the route, so the ball will hook more and roll back to the pocket if you miss to the right.

What happens To the Oil Applied on the Bowling Alley?

Bowling lane oils are spread over a broad area in a thin layer with low pressure, so the oil stays on the surface for 30 minutes at most. As just a tiny quantity of IPA is needed for the correct result, only 1 percent or less is often added.

Lane Oil Pattern Used By PBA

The PBA uses the shark oil pattern for its lanes during the tournament play. The length of a standard Shark design is 44 feet. Since the ball will not arc back into the pocket if it gets to the outside, PBA encourages players to move toward the center of the lanes.

What kind of oil is often used on bowling lanes?

What kind of oil is often used on bowling lanes

Several bowling alley machines need special lubricants with specific properties, such as low or high viscosity, or specific additives like friction modifiers or flow agents. Certain oils have higher surface tensions than others, allowing them to adhere to the bowling lanes better.

Most lane conditioners start with mineral oil as their base, but the formulations have significantly improved. The efficacy and longevity of modern conditioners are enhanced by adding a small number of specialist ingredients to the conditioner's base.

Your bowling ball's reaction to the lane will change depending on whatever conditioner you use. But still, the same pattern might look different depending on the kind of conditioner used.

Different Bowling Patterns.

They include:

  1. The Wolf pattern
  2. Scorpion pattern
  3. Dragon pattern
  4. Viper pattern
  5. Shark pattern
  6. Cheetah pattern
  7. Chameleon pattern
  8. Bear bowling pattern

The most complex bowling oil pattern.

Lane Oil Pattern Used By PBA

The most complex bowling patterns are the second generation and include:

  • Badger, the most prolonged PBA pattern, measures 52 feet. Be ready to play straight while maintaining your breakpoint near the pocket.
  • Bear (40 feet) is a flat pattern with a 1 to 1 oil ratio from side to side and is often regarded as the most formidable challenge in professional bowling.
  • The smallest PBA animal is a wolf at 32 feet, and he uses his oil pattern to assault the lane to lengthen the wolf's length.

How to Know If Bowling Lanes are Oily or Dry.

While you warm up, try launching your practice swings from the middle dot and seeing if you can answer the question, “Did my ball shoot off too far to the left?” If so, move to the left since the lane is dry. However, “if the ball does not hook, it indicates that the route to your right is oily.


Using oil in the bowling alley makes the game more challenging and fun. The most straightforward oil pattern to bowl in is the house pattern, used mainly for beginners, and then the short sport pattern, which you can practice if you want to bowl like a pro.

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