Why Are Bowling Balls Scented

Why Are Bowling Balls Scented? (Answered!)

Each time you go bowling, you may realize that some balls have a distinct fancy smell. That may leave you wondering whether these ball are intentionally scented and, if yes,then for what purpose? In this post, we will discuss some of the benefits and reasons behind the scenting of bowling balls. Read on to discover more.

If you have been in the bowling game for a while now, you probably appreciate the sweet fragrance in most bowling alleys today. But that was never the case a while back. Then, bowlers had to contend with pretty awkward smells at the bowling alleys. Today, however, all that is no more. Most bowling ball manufacturers have learned to add some sweet scent to the balls to make them more inviting. But why are bowling balls scented? Well, it’s for several reasons, the chief of which is to get bowlers in the mood for the game. We will mention a couple of other reasons below.

What's the Purpose of Scent on Bowling Balls?

Purpose of Scent on Bowling Balls

Regarding the purpose of the scent on bowling balls, your guess is as good as mine; it serves to boost the morale and confidence of bowlers during gameplay. In some unique cases, the scented oil is only designed to be released when the ball rolls on the bowling lane and not when held in the hand.

That aside, there are a couple of other benefits associated with a scented bowling ball. These include:

  • Acting as a refresher before taking a shot
  • Scent to determine the effectiveness of a bowling ball on the lane.

Advantages of Using a Scented Bowling Ball

Like me, before I ventured into the world of bowling sport, you're probably wondering why some manufacturers even bother to add some fragrance to bowling balls. Well, I came to discover that there are indeed a whole lot of pros associated with the scent. Here are some common ones:

  • Masking the plastic or rubbery smell of the bowling ball

Masking the plastic or rubbery smell of the bowling ball

Most bowling balls are made of plastic or rubber material. Without adding a scent, the bowling lane would be filled with the smell of these materials, and that can be somewhat disgusting to some. If you have ever come across a plain bowling ball with no scent, you’ll fully appreciate the fragrance that most manufacturers add to bowling balls these days.

  • Calming their nerves:

Bowlers usually take deep breaths and try to unwind with the ball up close to their faces to enjoy the sweet fragrance. The smell of the ball can calm the player’s body and soul and put them in the right mood for the game.

  • Improve sales

With so many manufacturers out there, making sales is a priority. In a bid to make bowling balls more appealing, each manufacturer sprays them with a unique scented oil. It’s just not clear how this impacts the gameplay. But at least we have information that some manufacturers have found success in terms of improved sales with their scented bowling balls.

What is the Bowling Ball Fragrance made of?

We've already discussed that certain bowling balls have enticing scents for fresh fruit or flowers like Cherry. However, what exactly makes up these fragrances?

Bowling ball fragrances are made using various materials and can smell very different from one manufacturer to another. However, these scents may contain essential oils extracted from plants and natural aromatic molecules.

Bowling Ball Fragrance made of

These essential oils are used in many things, like perfumes, candles, and beauty products. They are also widely used in aromatherapy for their therapeutic effects on the body and mind. But how long will the scent last after acquiring a scented bowling ball? Keep reading.

How Long Can Scented Bowling Balls Last? 

The duration that scent on a bowling ball can last is dependent on several factors. However, typically, the fragrance can last for up to three years, especially if the ball isn’t used frequently.  That’s to say, balls that are often rolling on the bowling lane are likely to lose their fragrance faster. However, even the most used ball often takes at least 3 years to lose the scent completely.

Proper care and regular ball cleaning will extend the fragrance's life.

Bowlers of all skill levels like using scented bowling balls to take their game to the next level. Since the bowling balls are perfumed, their bags can be used without any foul odors. When it comes to selecting their equipment, professionals give careful thought to a wide range of factors. They will have fun regardless of the fragrance, but it can't hurt to spice things up.

But how is the ball built so the scent can linger for years? These are our findings.

How scented bowling balls are made?

Scented bowling balls are made

The scent of bowling balls is contained within the outer skin of the urethane resin or plastic ball. That way, the fragrance can remain for years on end. But how exactly do manufacturers add the scent, you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Here are the steps involved:

  • The manufacturer begins by selecting a type of fragrance which is then blended with the material of the bowling ball; be it polyurethane, resin, rubber, or plastic.
  • The scented layer will be added to the face of the ball. The thickness of the scented coat varies, depending on the material of the bowling ball. For instance, resin balls usually require a 2-inch thick scented outer coating.
  • The scented outer skin is usually added before the vinyl coating and the finger holes are included.

How to maintain scented bowling balls

Maintain scented bowling balls

When it comes to maintenance of your scented bowling ball, here are a couple of things to have in mind:

  • First of all, note that some scents are stronger than others.
  • The fragrance of the ball comes from an outer layer that coats the core of the bowling ball. Often, the scent emits from a special type of oil that’s added to the material of the ball.
  • The scent declines with the frequency of use, exposure, age, and how often the ball is cleaned. Meaning that bowling balls that are rolling on the lane seven days a week are going to have a declined scent. Similarly, bowling balls that are often exposed to the elements have a high chance of losing their scent. The same is also true about the age of the ball. Routine cleaning of the bowling ball also contributes to the decline of the scent.
  • In brief, proper maintenance of a bowling ball entails limiting the number of times you use it to 2-3 times per week. Proper storage is also recommended. Do not keep the scented bowling balls in an open place where they are exposed to the elements.
  • Typically, the scent on a bowling ball can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years.
  • If your ball has lost its scent, consider taking it back for resurfacing at a bowling shop. Usually, they’ll add a fresh layer of the scented coat during the process of resurfacing.

How to select a Bowling Ball scent that fits you?

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right bowling ball scent that suits you. Worth noting is that currently, most scented bowling balls are manufactured by Storm Bowling Products Company. Their bowling balls come in an array of flavors. Some of the common scents you can choose from include Cinnamon, Orange, Banana, Blueberry, Plum, and Grape.

And if you’re into rare types of scents, Storm Bowling Products Company also has several such favors. Some of them include:

1. Black Cherry Scent:

Black Cherry Scent

Black cherry was developed for use in extremely oily circumstances, such as those encountered on USBC Sport patterns. Since it allows bowlers more command over the ball's reaction, it's great for competitive league and tournament play at a higher level. If you're seeking a solution to your difficulties with oil patterns, this could very well be the scent for you.

2. Lemonade Scent:

Lemonade Scent

If you bowl on USBC Standard patterns with medium oil, the Lemonade scent ball will help you boost your ball speed and create a powerful backend hook motion. As a result, lemonade is the way to go if you're looking for something that lasts a while and has a satisfyingly robust aftertaste.

3. Chocolate Scent:

Chocolate Scent

Chocolate works well on Kegel Main Street and Brunswick A-2, which include mid-lane configurations. It has a powerful hook motion in general. Because of this, it is best used on dry lanes, where a ball with many flips is necessary to get between the pins and into the pocket. Chocolate may be an excellent choice if you like a hook with less discontinuity.


So, why are bowling balls scented? Well, the answer to this question depends on perspective. For instance, if you are looking at it as a manufacturer, the reason behind it is likely for a competitive edge in the market. From a bowler’s perspective, the main reason would be to boost morale and improve focus while at the bowling alley. Also, remember that there are different bowling ball scent flavors to choose from. Always choose your favorite.

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