Can you Bowl while pregnant

Can you Bowl while pregnant? [Is It Safe?]

Bowling provides a unique satisfaction from seeing a ball roll and knock down a pin or two. Over time, you'd want to play this game almost every weekend. However, can you bowl while pregnant? Keep reading to learn more.

Bowling is safe during pregnancy; nevertheless, there are several measures you should take to keep it safe. Bowling helps you socialize with other pregnant women and increase your flexibility. However, you shouldn't bowl if you have a risky pregnancy or if your doctor advises against it.

In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of bowling during pregnancy, how to ensure your safety during bowling, and what to look for when buying bowling shoes.

Which are the benefits of bowling for pregnant women?

When bowling during pregnancy, when should one take a break

Staying active and improving your flexibility and cardio by bowling during pregnancy is a great idea. Since bowling needs very little movement, it helps alleviate several discomforts associated with pregnancy, like backaches and joint stiffness.

Some women experience increased anxiety during pregnancy. Bowling is an excellent way to interact with other pregnant ladies and has fun competing against them in a friendly environment.

Bowling is a great mood booster. The majority of pregnant women experience some degree of sadness or depression. A bowling binge may be the cure for your blues, your mental ailment, and your low spirits. Your mood and energy levels might improve after a few rolls.

Does Bowling Lead to a Miscarriage?

You shouldn't worry about having a miscarriage due to bowling if you use extreme caution and stay alert the whole time. However, concerns like stumbling, falling, and moving a heavy ball are important to consider if bowling while pregnant.

The risk of miscarriage increases if you experience an accident like falling or lifting a heavy object. Therefore, you must always adhere strictly to your doctor's orders. If you're starting to feel tired or pressured in your back, it's time to call it a game.

Can I go bowling during my first trimester of pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you may bowl as long as you pay close attention to safety precautions and take it gently. But, if you begin to feel uneasy, you should immediately stop.

Moreover, it is recommended that women having high-risk pregnancies stop bowling during pregnancy or get their doctor's OK before attempting it.

Is the third trimester an excellent time to go bowling?

pregnant women

The third trimester is a safe time to bowl, although you may have trouble getting into the right posture. While in your third trimester of pregnancy, you may discover that bowling with a two-handed release, rather than a single hand by your side, is more comfortable.

Stop swinging immediately if you feel dizzy after that or if you have discomfort or strain in your abdomen or hips. You must use the correct technique by engaging your back muscles during the exercise.

Unless you've been diagnosed with a condition such as premature labor or preeclampsia that prevents you from exercising, it's time to lace on those swoon-worthy rental kicks and get to work.

How can you ensure you are safe when bowling during pregnancy?

How can you ensure you are safe when bowling during pregnancy

Even if your gynecologist has given you the green light to bowl, it's a good idea to take extra care to avoid injury before you go out and have a good time with your pals.

Choose a lane that's near the toilets. Many pregnant women need to use the restroom often and cannot hold it for more than a few minutes. Choose a lane near the toilet so you will only have to go short if the need arises.

Pick the Light bowling ball. It's OK if you have a favorite bowling ball weight, but if you're bowling while pregnant, it's best to use the lightest ball possible.

Suppose you're having trouble bending over at the waist when bowling; consider bending your knees instead. By doing this, you won't have to worry about hurting your back while enhancing your posture.

Get yourself a ramp for your ball to help you throw the ball without having to bend too much, which is a lifesaver for a pregnant woman suffering from back discomfort.

Which physical activities should expectant mothers avoid?

You should avoid some physical exercises while pregnant as they may cause injury to you and your unborn baby. Some of them are:

Avoid exercises that require you to lie on your back, especially after the first trimester, scuba diving, exercising in scorching temperatures, skiing, and other high-altitude workouts.

When bowling during pregnancy, when should one take a break?

bowling for pregnant women

Listen to your body and rest if you feel fatigued or discomfort when bowling during pregnancy. Rest when you need to, and see your gynecologist if you suffer any symptoms like vaginal bleeding, stomach discomfort, contractions that persist even after you stop moving about, fluid flowing from the vagina, or any others that make you feel uncomfortable.

Are All Bowling Balls the Same?

Not all bowling balls are the same. It's a well-known fact that not all bowling balls are made the same. An expert bowler can attest to the fact that a bowling ball's interior has a significant impact on its performance after you tossing.

Bowling pros often choose one brand over another because they feel it helps them hook the ball more reliably or maintain greater control. Some bowling balls have deeper finger-hold grooves than others, which makes them easier to grasp and toss.

What Should You Look for in a Pair of Bowling Shoes?

The kind of help you need will determine the bowling shoe you choose. Use bowling shoes with insoles if your feet tend to flatten quickly. You'll be wearing them for a while, so ease of wear is crucial.

Think about the shoe's breadth and make sure the shoe is big enough for your foot if your feet are wide.

If you're going to buy anything, invest in a name you can trust. The label doesn't matter much when it comes to sneakers. However, a bowling shoe business that specializes in creating bowling shoes is the way to go. It would help if you had a sturdy pair of footwear that won't break apart after a few wears.


Bowling is a great activity for pregnant women since it helps with flexibility and allows them to meet other expectant mothers. Take care to avoid injury and unnecessary effort throughout the workout, and rest if necessary.

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