Can I put My Bowling Ball in the Dishwasher?

Can I put My Bowling Ball in the Dishwasher? [YES]

Are you wondering whether you can put your bowling ball in the dishwasher? Check out this article to find out if putting your bowling ball in the dishwasher is the most effective way to clean your bowling ball.

A bowling ball is the most important piece of equipment for a bowler. One way of maintaining this equipment is by keeping it clean and free of oil. If you are a first-time bowler, you may wonder whether putting your bowling ball in the dishwasher is possible.

The answer is yes; you can most certainly put your ball in the dishwasher to clean or de-oil it. However, you must be cautious to avoid damaging the ball. In the article, you'll get to learn how you can safely clean your ball and also how you can maintain it to improve its lifespan.

How Often Should You Bake Your Bowling Ball?

How Often Should You Bake Your Bowling Ball

Bowling balls collect oil when they slide over the lanes. If left unclean, the oil may not only damage your ball, but the ball is also likely to lose its grip and speed.

When the oil gets too deep into the bowling ball's shell, baking is the best option to get it out. Baking is the process by which heat is used to extract oil from the shell of a bowling ball.

However, if you always wipe your ball with a microfiber towel after every shot, baking it frequently is unnecessary. Those who deep clean their balls after every three games should also not be in a hurry to bake them. They should bake the balls after every 75 – 100 games.

Pro Tip!

Although you may feel like baking regularly is good for your ball, it's not. Frequent baking exposes your ball to high temperatures, thus destroying it.

Precautions to De-Oil a Bowling Ball in the Dishwasher

Precautions to DeOil a Bowling Ball in Dishwasher


You can de-oil your bowling ball in the dishwasher using hot water. However, you need to be careful to keep the ball safe. Below are some precautions you need to take before putting your ball in the dishwasher.

  • Temperature: When cleaning your ball in the dishwasher, the right temperature is crucial. High temperatures often harm the ball, causing it to crack. Before you put your ball in the dishwasher, ensure that the temperature is at 140F or less. Temperatures above 200F will damage your ball completely.
  • Dry cycle: Switch your dry cycle function off before you put your ball in the dishwasher. If your ball is exposed to more heat after cleaning it with hot water, it's more likely to get damaged. Instead, you can leave the ball to dry at room temperature.
  • Soap or detergent: Detergents contain more chemicals as compared to soaps. Therefore, soap is the ideal choice for cleaning your ball because it removes the oil better. However, when detergents are used in small quantities, they are harmless. If your ball has little oil, just use hot water only to de-oil it.

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean A Bowling Ball In The Dishwasher?

Bowling Ball

Step 1: Cover the finger holes of your ball with tape.

Step 2: Put your ball on the bottom rack of your dishwasher. Avoid the top rack, as your ball won't fit.

Step 3: Switch off the heating and drying cycle.

Step 4: Put the dishwasher on a regular washing cycle and then activate it.

Step 5: After you are done, leave your ball for a couple of hours to cool.

Step 6: Remove the ball and then allow it to dry. Ensure that at least 24hrs have passed before you use the ball.

How Many Bowling Balls Can You Wash At Once?

The size of your dishwasher will determine the number of balls you put in your dishwasher at once. Mainly two or three balls may fit in the dishwasher. However, it is advisable to clean one ball at a time to:

  1. Avoid damaging them
  2. Ensure that the ball is completely clean

Can Water Damage Your Bowling Ball?

When you leave your bowling ball soaked in water for more than 30 minutes, there is a high chance it's will get damaged. The coverstock absorbs the water, causing it to swell and lose its shape.

To keep your ball safe, don't soak it for longer than 20 minutes. Dry the ball completely before using it as well.

What to Do If There Is Powder Stuck in the Finger Holes of Your Bowling Ball

Powder Stuck in the Finger Holes of Your Bowling Ball

Have you noticed some powder in your ball's finger holes? This often happens to those who use detergent to clean their bowling balls. However, you don't need to panic or stress out. Instead, put your ball back through on a rinse cycle. If the powder is still there, rinse with a high-pressure hose.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher after Cleaning a Bowling Ball in It?

After you are done cleaning your bowling ball with Lane Masters Bowling Ball Cleaner, it is necessary to wash your dishwasher. This helps keep the dishwasher clean and odorless. Here's how you should do it:

Step 1: Clear the dishwasher

Step 2: Replace the heat and dry settings with a regular cycle

Step 3: Get a sponge, warm water, and dishwasher soap

Step 4: Wash and rinse the dishwasher properly

If the odor persists after cleaning, consider repeating the process until you get satisfying results.

Is Putting Your Bowling Ball In The Dishwasher A Good Idea? Pros and Cons

Is Putting Your Bowling Ball In The Dishwasher A Good Idea



  • Many bowlers have used a dishwasher to clean their bowling balls, making them trustworthy.
  • This is the cheapest way to clean your bowling ball.
  • A dishwasher is easily accessible as it is found in most homes.


  • Some balls may not fit in the dishwasher.
  • High temperatures may lead to overheating, thus destroying the ball.
  • Toxic oils attached to the ball may contaminate the dishwasher.
  • Harsh detergent damages the ball.

Wrapping Up

A clean and well-maintained ball is essential for a good game. If you can't afford to take your bowling ball to professional cleaners, use your dishwasher to clean and de-oil it.

However, don't forget to take the necessary precautions, such as turning off the dry cycle, using the appropriate temperature, and using hot water only to clean the ball.

If you are afraid of the health risks that come with putting your ball in the dishwasher, look for alternative means of cleaning your ball.

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