What isThe Most Expensive Bowling Ball

What isThe Most Expensive Bowling Ball? (Top 10)

Bowling balls come in different brands, each with its unique pricing model. While some bowling balls are pretty affordable, others are very pricey. But what is the most expensive bowling ball in the market today? In this post, we will discuss everything that you might want to know regarding the pricing of bowling balls. Read on to find out.

What is the most expensive bowling ball? Before we can answer this question, let’s begin by first knowing that bowling balls come in different prices. The actual pricing of bowling balls is dependent on several factors, including the brand. That being said, take note that most regular bowling ball brands have prices in the range of $90 to $140. Be that as it may, some brands of bowling balls cost something to the tune of thousands of dollars. Of course, such types of bowling balls are for professional bowlers and come with a unique design. Simply put, the brand, design, and material of a bowling ball have a lot of bearing on its overall price.

Are Expensive Bowling Balls Worth It?

Expensive Bowling Balls Worth

Some bowling balls are pretty expensive while others are pretty cheap. So, is there any difference between the affordable types and the expensive bowling balls? Well, there is.

To begin, expensive balls are usually made of reactive resin. They are durable and best suited for experienced bowlers. Additionally, reactive resin bowling balls have a higher hook potential compared to their cheaper counterparts. All that having been said, expensive bowling balls are worth giving a try.

Are Expensive Bowling Balls Better than cheaper ones?

When bowling, it's always best to use a ball that helps you maintain control. However, not all high-priced balls are superior to their lower-priced counterparts. It's important to think about the ball's specs and try it out in person to see whether it matches your expectation of how it performs on the lane. So it’s not necessarily true that expensive bowling balls are cheaper than cheaper ones. Both categories of bowling balls pack their fair share of pros and cons. Some cheaper balls, like those made of plastic or polyester, are known to have a fairly low hook potential.

How Much Do Plastic Bowling Balls Cost?

Plastic Bowling Balls Cost

Bowling balls made of plastic can be bought for less than $100. Plastic or polyester are the least expensive option when it comes to bowling balls. Novice bowlers who are only getting started are better off practicing their throws with plastic or polyester bowling balls.

How Much Do Urethane Bowling Balls Cost?

Urethane Bowling Balls Cost

The price for urethane bowling balls varies from place to place. However, on average, most brands sell for anywhere between $100 and $150. These are the most common types of bowling balls in the market today. Urethane bowling balls are some of the best available, allowing for more precise control and accurate hooks. Urethane bowling balls are a good choice for beginners who want to improve their skills. Depending on their strategy, professional bowlers may also use urethane bowling balls.

How Much Do Reactive Resin Bowling Balls Cost?

Reactive Resin Bowling Balls Cost

Reactive resin balls cost slightly less than $250, and reactive resin bowling balls are readily available. Bowling balls constructed from reactive resin, which has excellent hooking potential on oily surfaces, are more expensive. There are preserved for seasoned bowlers who are looking to level up their skills. These are among the most expensive bowling balls on the market today.

How Much Do Particle Bowling Balls Cost?

Particle Bowling Balls Cost

Particle bowling balls, used chiefly by expert bowlers, can cost $150- $250. If you are not a professional and know what you are doing, you should not buy particle bowling balls.

How Much Do Vanity Bowling Balls Cost?

Depending on the sort of ball you select to emboss, a custom-designed bowling ball with an individualized emblem can cost as much as $150. Vanity bowling balls are bare plastic balls personalized with an inscription or logo of the bowler's choosing. Vanity bowling balls cost the same as a regular plastic or polyester ball, plus the price of engraving.

Below are a few most expensive bowling balls.

Most Expensive Bowling Balls

So, which are some of the most expensive bowling ball brands? Here is a rundown of some of the pretty pricey bowling ball brands currently in the market today:

1. New Quantum Technologies RAVEN Bowling Ball

New Quantum Technologies RAVEN Bowling Ball

This ball, which costs $12,000, is a big deal. As a result, this purple monster is the most expensive bowling ball on the market right now. It's a vintage bowling ball that's never been used and is in excellent condition, and it's being sold as part of a massive fundraising drive.

2. Mikasa Clear Green Acrylic Ball

Mikasa Clear Green Acrylic Ball

This ball has a $10,000 asking price. Previously, Mikasa's bowling balls were made of acrylic rather than urethane. These 1980s and 1990s balls are still in a good shape. Back in the day demand for this bowling ball surged. As a result, demand surged, although they later used rubber instead of acrylic in their bowling balls.

3. Brunswick USA Rubber Bowling Ball, 1977

Brunswick USA Rubber Bowling Ball 1977

This ball is on sale for $10,000. However, this is pretty much a ball for show. It’s not for throwing on the lane. In fact, upon purchase, you will be told that the Brunswick USA Rubber Bowling Ball, 1977 is not to be used on the lane. Instead, it is to be added to your special collection of bowling trophies and other souvenirs. The rubber has remained unchanged for nearly half a century. However, this does not render it worthless or invalid. This ball is so rare that it has been designated a museum exhibit.

4. The Red Pearl Whiplash Bowling Ball

The Red Pearl Whiplash Bowling Ball

This ball costs $1,800. This antique bowling ball appears to have been placed in a pro shop in the early 1990s. A look at it and you will see a signature old-school logo etched on it. Even while the ball itself isn't as rare as some others on this list, it's still a renowned model from the past.

5. 1982 Gyro Balanced Ebonite Magnum Ball

1982 Gyro Balanced Ebonite Magnum Ball

This ball sells for up to $1,100. Many bowling ball collectors would envy having this “museum piece” in their collection. This ball, also known as the Magnum 11, was part of the Earl Anthony series. This 1982 model has a classic appearance and feels that it is hard to find in today's balls.

Factors affecting the cost of a bowling ball

Different factors affect the overall cost of a bowling ball. Some of these have already been mentioned above, albeit in passing. Here are additional factors affecting the cost of a bowling ball:

a. Type of core

The core of a bowling ball determines its performance on the lane. Balls with a balanced core cost less when compared with those with an imbalanced core. The latter is often used by professional bowlers and they often have a high hook potential. Depending on the type of material, some cores are made of resin or iron oxide. Bowling balls with a high differential core cost more than those with a low differential core.

b. Weight of the bowling ball

Heavier balls often cost more than their lighter counterparts. And the reason for this has to do with the power with which the balls hit the pins at the end of the alley.

c. The Brand of the ball

Just like with every other product, certain brands cost more than others. In part, that has to do with the quality of their bowling balls. For instance, some brands such as Storm and Brunswick cost more because they are associated with high-quality bowling balls that are durable and perform excellently.

d. New vs already-used balls

New bowling balls cost more than already-used ones. If you are on a budget, but still want a good ball, you might want to check out the cost of used bowling balls.


The cost of bowling balls depends on a myriad of factors. To begin with, some brands of bowling balls are affordable while others are fairly pricey. For instance, balls classified as collectibles often have insanely high price tags. Some sell for up to $12,000. They are likely the most expensive bowling balls available in the market currently. Apart from collectibles, other bowling balls sell for between $100 and $350. That being said, we come to the end of this post.

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