Bowling Drinking Games

Bowling Drinking Games 101: Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Bowling Experience

Discover a new level of excitement with our top bowling drinking games. Perfect for your next outing, these games combine the thrill of bowling with the camaraderie of a night out. Remember to play responsibly and enjoy the game!

TL;DR – 6 Fun Drunk Bowling Alley Games

  • Beer Bowling (Sips): Bowl as usual, but for every pin left standing, take a sip of beer. If you get a strike, the person next to you finishes their beer. If you get a spare, you can order someone to take 2 sips.
  • Beer Bowling (Shots): Similar to the sips version, but with shots. For every pin left standing, take a shot. If you get a strike, choose someone to take two shots. If you get a spare, choose someone to take one shot.
  • Strike and Order: The person who gets a strike gets to give an order involving alcohol to another player. The same goes for a spare, but the order is generally less intense.
  • King/Queen Pin: The person who knocks down the most pins in one turn is crowned the “King (or Queen) Pin” and gets to make a rule that everyone has to follow for the rest of the game.
  • Bowling Roulette: Everyone bowls two frames and whoever has the lowest score at the end of the two frames has to spin the “roulette wheel.” The number it lands on is the number of sips (or half shots) they have to drink.
  • Gutter Drunk: Bowl as usual, but if you get a gutter ball, you have to drink. The number of shots or sips is up to your party.

Bowling is a thrilling sport since with each ball roll comes the thrill of seeing how many pins one can knock down. A bonus is that you may drink while taking part in the game. But, considering the weight you'll be holding, isn't it risky? Read on know more about how to make bowling and drinking games safer.

What are the bowling and drinking games? The sport of bowling is a great way to spend time with friends while having a beer or two. Although this enhances the game's fun, it also requires you to drink in moderation to prevent injury.

Keep reading to know more about bowling drinking games, drinks you can enjoy while bowling, the essential rules of bowling, and more.

Which are some of the bowling and drinking games?

Which Drinks Can You Enjoy While Bowling

You can enjoy a wide variety of bowling and drinking games with your friends, such as:

  • Beer Bowling. Beer Bowling is a typical drinking game played at bowling alleys, in which you drink one beer for each remaining pin. When you succeed in knocking down all the pins in your first ball, your bowling partner will have to consume their whole beer in one sitting. However, if you have a spare, you may demand that anybody in your group take two sips.
  • You are taking a drink for each strike you make. Players must take a drink for each pin still standing after the first roll, and for each hook still up after the second roll; they must take two drinks. If you roll a spare, you can choose who takes the shot, but everyone has to buy drinks if you move a strike.
  • Roulette bowling. This game requires the player with the lowest score to spin the “roulette wheel.” Although the recommended number of players for this game is four, the maximum number is unlimited. The player spins the wheel, and the number of drinks (or half shots) they have to take depends on the outcome. Furthermore, you may always improvise or look for one online if you need access to a proper roulette wheel.

Which drinks can you enjoy while bowling?

Besides bottled drinks, you will get a wide variety of drinks at most bowling centers since most have excellent pubs. In case you are out with your friends, you may expect to have several choices, such as:

1. The white Russian. In honor of The Dude, one of the most well-known fictional bowlers of all time, why not order his preferred beverage? The White Russian is the best choice among cocktails because it allows you more fun than any other drink. The movie's popularity has also led to its inclusion on the menus of many bowling centers.

2. Order the best-selling drink at the bowling center. Ordering their signature drink is a brilliant way to start if you want to get a sense of the bowling alley you're visiting.

Can You Bowl while Barefoot?

bowling and drinking games

You've probably seen bowlers without shoes, but that's a considerable risk. You should wear shoes to avoid serious leg injury from the heavy ball.

Bowling shoes also allow you to slip just enough to improve your stroke. With shoes, you can go anywhere since you can't move your legs without risking falling.

When Bowling, What Makes Your Grip so Crucial?

In bowling, how you hold the ball is crucial as it influences your ability to manage ball speed, control the timing of your release, keep the revs steady, and steer your ball in the desired direction. Furthermore, a good grip helps you to aim the ball and maintain stable, reliable throws. Since your grip affects many aspects of your throw, mastering it is crucial to improve your scores.

Which are the three most important rules of bowling etiquette?

important rules of bowling etiquette

First, always keep an eye out for other bowlers and treat the bowling alley with the respect it deserves. Again, unless you've left the bowler's area entirely, you should remain on your lane or in the sitting place behind your bowling lane. Lastly, put on the bowling shoes and leave your regular shoes and other belongings in the locker rooms.

Is there a way to make the drinking games while bowling safer?

Is there a way to make the drinking games while bowling safer

Although bowling is not the riskiest sport in the world, you still need to be cautious while playing. Here are some essential safety measures you should take to avoid injuries to both players and spectators.

  • Ensure you have the appropriate bowling shoes, whether renting them from the alley or buying them outright. Bowling shoes are designed with a nonslip sole to prevent you from both falling and damaging the bowling alleys' finish.
  • You should always wait for the ball to return since there is a risk of injury if you get the ball from the machine rack. Again, refrain from resting your hand on the ball return rack since you may not even notice when a ball comes back to you.
  • Don't ever cross on the “foul line.” Before a game begins, the lane is often oiled, and if you stray beyond the “foul line,” you will pick up grease on your shoes.

How much does a typical bowling game cost?

Although Bowling centers have varying prices, bowling typically costs between $2 and $5 per participant for each game. Instead of charging for each game, some bowling centers may charge you per hour. Moreover, if you don't have bowling shoes, you will have to rent them from the bowling center for around $3 to $6 for each person.

How can you save money while playing at the bowling alley?

First, you can find a bowling alley near you that offers memberships to regulars. You may save money on your first bowling fees by joining several bowling centers.

Additionally, you can also form or join a bowling league. Although you will need an initial membership fee to participate, you won't have to worry about spending more on bowling that season if you pay your dues. Furthermore, free bowling lessons are a perk of joining a bowling league.


Drinking alcohol during a bowling game increases the fun significantly. Beer bowling and roulette bowling are just two of the many activities available. Bowling is a lot of fun, but you must take safety precautions before you play to avoid injury, such as wearing the proper footwear.

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