299 Bowling Score Explained

299 Bowling Score: Second Perfect Bowling Score

300 is the maximum point up for grabs in a bowling game, yet experienced bowlers chase after the elusive 299 points. The 299-point mark is the most sought-after score among experienced bowlers because it is only one point shy of the perfect game. Here is the 299 bowling score explained!!!

Keeping a score is essential in any sport because it is the only objective method for judging if you excel in a particular sport. Bowling is similar to other sporting events because it has rules to guide players when calculating and recording scores. Bowling has its unique rules for calculating and recording scores, but the best scoring points often result from consistently knocking as many pins as possible with each throw a player gets.

Bowlers with experience often seek the perfect bowling score to prove their prowess. However, a logical question for any rookie would be to ask what a “perfect score” is. 299 is often known as the perfect score in bowling because it is only one point shy of the “perfect game.” Attaining 300 points is the “perfect” game, and as most bowlers know, it is nearly impossible to bowl a perfect 300, even for pro bowlers. Below is the ultimate guide for the 299 bowling score explained!!!

How does the Bowling Scoring System Work?

You must understand how the bowling scoring system works to grasp the 299 perfect scores phenomenon. The first thing to note is that bowling has different variations, like the 10-pin, 9-pin, 5-pin, Candlepin, and Duckpin variations. The scoring rules for the different bowling variations may differ slightly, but the 299 perfect score most applies to the 10-pin bowling variation.

A 10-pin bowling game accords each player ten frames with two bowling shots in a single bowling session. You score a strike whenever you hit all ten pins with the first shot in a bowling frame. You score a spare whenever you topple ten pins after using your second bowling shot in a bowling frame.

A strike in bowling earns you ten points, plus the number of toppled pins after the first bowling shot at the next frame. A spare in bowling earns you ten points plus the sum of topped pins for both shots in your next bowling frame. Bowling consecutive strikes accord you extra points, but you can rely on the computerized tallying system in most bowling alleys to keep track of your bowling scores.

What is a 299 Bowling Score?

What is a 299 Bowling Score

A 299 bowling score is the perfect score within professional bowling circles. It refers to the second-highest score a bowler can achieve because it is one point shy of the perfect game (300 points). A 299 bowling score requires a bowler to bowl eleven (11) consecutive strikes and topple nine (9) pins in the twelfth (12th) frame. A bowler must bowl eleven (11) strikes in a row because an open frame invalidates the chances of attaining the perfect 299 bowling score.

Can you Bowl a 299?

Can you Bowl a 299

How probable is it for a bowler to score a 299 perfect score? Technically, a pro bowler can score 299 in a single bowling session. However, the probability is low, even for a pro bowler, because only one name springs to mind for ever achieving such a difficult feat. James Blackstone once got the elusive 299 bowling scorecard in 1905. James got the 299 perfect scores in Seattle after being denied a perfect game (300 points) when a pin broke into two, with the bottom half still standing while all the rest toppled on his last ball in the tenth (10th) frame.

How can you Improve the Probability of Bowling a 299 Score?

Improve the Probability of Bowling

The low probability of bowling a 299 scorecard does not mean it is an impossible challenge. With dedication, you can always work towards achieving the elusive 299 bowling scorecard. Below are factors within your control that you can change/adjust accordingly to improve the probability of bowling a 299 perfect score.

  1. Bowling gear – Ensure you have the best-fitting bowling accessories, such as bowling balls, shoes, and gloves. You can opt for a lightweight and custom bowling ball to improve your performance.
  2. Ball control – Ensure you practice controlling the speed and aim of your bowling shots. Ball control also guarantees you an edge when adjusting to the different conditions inside any bowling alley.
  3. Posture and form – Ensure you have the correct posture and form during an approach to maintain a lock on your aim for a bowling strike shot. Body form also improves your endurance capability for bowling more than eleven (11) strikes in a row.
  4. Consistency – Ensure you are consistent in your bowling practice to imprint your bowling skills in your cerebral cortex. Regular bowling practice embeds your bowling skills to correspond naturally and instinctively with your motor, sensory, and association functions inside your brain.
  5. Aim for strikes – Ensure you always aim for strike shots in every frame to begin stocking maximum points from the word go. Bowling eleven (11) strikes in succession leaves you a little wiggle room for a spare shot in the last frame of your bowling session.
  6. Seek professional guidance – Part of being a progressive bowler includes seeking help regularly, even at the expense of denting your ego. Professional bowling guidance can come from pro bowlers, online bowling tutorials, or even bowlers less experienced than you.

Bowling scores similar to 299

Bowling scores similar to 299

The second-best bowling score of 299 is one of the toughest scorecards. However, there are other challenging bowling scorecards that you can also attempt to achieve in your bowling journey.

  1. Score 300 points – Also known as the perfect game, and requires you to bowl twelve (12) strikes in succession and a strike with the thirteenth (13th) ball.
  2. Score 292 points – Requires you to bowl eleven (11) strikes consecutively and topple only two (2) pins out of the ten (10) with the last bowling shot.
  3. Score 290 points – Requires you to bowl eleven (11) strikes plus a spare in the first frame of your bowling session.
  4. Score 280 points – Requires you to bowl eleven (11) strikes plus a spare in the second frame of your bowling session.


The sooner you begin practicing for the perfect bowling score, the better your chances of achieving it with each bowing shot. Ensure you constantly improve your bowling skills by practicing regularly and always having the courage to ask for help whenever you get stuck or require guidance.

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