What is a Good Bowling Score

What is a Good Bowling Score? (Tips and Insights)

A good bowling score differs depending on your level of gameplay. The best bowling score for a novice differs from that of an intermediate or a professional bowler. Additionally, your age and gender is also a determinant of a good bowling score. For instance, a retired bowler is likely to score less than an professional bowler.

Knowing a good bowling score is essential for any bowler, your level of gameplay, age, and gender notwithstanding. Below is a discussion of what is a good bowling score across different experience levels. As a bonus, you’ll also learn some of the best tips for improving your bowling score.

How to Get a Score in Bowling

Get a Score in Bowling

In a game of bowling, there are ten frames that you’ll have an opportunity to knock down with a bowling ball. You’ll earn a point on each pin you knock down; thus, the more pins you knock down, the more the scores! Besides the regular points, you can also earn bonus points.

To earn bonus points, you’ll have to get strikes and spares;

  • Strikes occur when you knock down all 10 pins on your first shot. A strike earns you 10 points plus the sum of your next two shots.
  • Spares happen when you knock off all 10 pins from two shots. When you get a spare, you’ll earn 10 points plus the sum of your next throw.

During the game, your scores are put down on a scorecard using symbols and numbers to show how many pins you’ve knocked off on each shot. The symbols include;

  • “X” symbolizes a strike.
  • “/” indicates that you got a spare.
  • “-” signals that you hit no pins during the frame.
  • “F” indicates a foul
  • “O” or “S” signifies a split.

Now that you have an idea of how to get a bowling score;

What is a Good Bowling Score for a Novice?

Good Bowling Score for a Novice

On average, first-time bowlers should expect to score 30-70 points in a game. Scores from 30 to 50 are expected during the first few games. But when you engage in this sport consistently, you are less likely to score below 50 points.

At this level, concentrate more on understanding bowling techniques, handling the ball, making the best spin, and getting used to the bowling alley. So, as a beginner, don’t worry about your low scores but gaining the skill.

What is a Good Bowling Score for Casual Bowlers?

Casual bowlers go bowling for fun. They have bowling basics but don’t want to focus much of their time on bowling. Casual bowlers play it for fun. They have less time to practice and develop their bowling techniques.

On average, a good bowling score for casual bowlers is 70-100 points. However, some may score lower or higher depending on their bowling frequency.

What is a Good Bowling Score for Intermediate Bowlers?

Good Bowling Score for Intermediate Bowlers

A good bowling score for an intermediate bowler (non-league) is between 130 and 170 points. At this level of experience, the bowler is moderately skilled and comfortable with their form. As an intermediate bowler, you can earn such a high score because of the rise in strikes and spares, which make you more points.

An intermediate league bowler should average about 160-170 points. Such an average prepares the bowler for a higher and better score. While an intermediate league bowler might not make perfect shots, they record high strikes and spares counts,  earning them high points compared to casual and novice bowlers.

What is a Good Bowling Score for Professional Bowlers?

Professional bowlers make a living from bowling. These are people who have long experience playing in bowling leagues and professional bowling tournaments. They are dedicated, skilled, and considered the best in the game.

Good Bowling Score for Professional Bowlers

A good bowling score for a professional bowler is 200-250 points in a game. However, they can achieve a higher score than 250 points.

Besides their experience and knowledge of the game, professional bowlers attain the highest scores because they invest in specialized bowling shoes, balls, and accessories.

What is a Perfect Bowling Score?

The highest possible score you can attain in a single bowling game is 300 points for a 10-pin game. And this is only achievable by playing a perfect match and getting a strike in all 12 rounds. However, getting a strike in all 12 rounds can be strenuous. It requires both luck and a high level of skills.

The perfect bowling score you can achieve without hitting a strike is 190 points.

How to Improve Your Bowling Score

Whether you are bowling for fun or to be a professional, getting a good bowling score is satisfying. Here are easy tips that will help you to improve your game and up your score.

#1: Get a Good Bowling Ball

Get a Good Bowling Ball

Bowling balls are not made equal; they come in different sizes, weights, and materials. All these differences can affect your gameplay. Research the best ball for your type of play. Alternatively, consult a bowling professional to help you get the perfect ball for you.

The best bowling ball keeps you in control of your shots and makes them more accurate.

#2: Select the Right Bowling Shoes

Select the Right Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes play a critical role in your game. The best bowling shoes offer you the grip and support you need for a perfect, accurate shot. Invest in high-quality bowling shoes if you’re a serious bowler looking to improve your techniques.

#3: Go for the Spares

Go for the Spares

If you aren’t getting strikes as frequently as you want to, consider going for spares. Hitting spares will dramatically increase your scores.

#4: Use Less Side-Spin

Too many side spins can make your ball hook untimely and land in the gutter. Rather than add a side spin, work on rolling the ball down the middle lane to achieve an unbending path toward the pins.

#5: Practice Your Shot

Practice Your Shot

Keep your focus on the arrows on the bowling lane! Concentrate on striking the arrow in front of you and adjust appropriately depending on where the ball will end up. Practice hitting the exact spot on the lane, and your scores will start improving.


A good bowling score depends on the individual’s level of prowess. A novice bowler will have a different average score from intermediate and professional bowlers. Regardless, all bowlers have a chance to improve their bowling scores. Implement the bonus tips above, and your bowling scores will naturally improve.

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