What Do Bowling Alleys Spray in Shoes

What Do Bowling Alleys Spray in Shoes? [Prevent Foot Fungus!!!]

Bowling is an enjoyable activity you can enjoy with your friends and relatives. You can always rent from the Bowling alleys if you need bowling shoes. But are they safe to use? What do bowling alleys spray in the shoes? To find out, keep reading!

Bowling centers eradicate foul odors and germs from bowlers' shoes using a variety of sprays that kill bacteria and disinfect the bowling shoes. Some bowling centers use Mycomist, a cleaning solution that includes active substances such as formalin and chlorophyll to spray shoes.

This article will give you additional information on how disinfectants work on bowling shoes, what may happen if you fail to disinfect your shoes regularly, how to prevent foot fungus, and more.

How exactly does the disinfectant work on bowling shoes?

disinfectant work on bowling shoes

Effective disinfectants must either kill germs or stop them from multiplying. To prevent disease transmission, spray disinfectant on the bowling shoes before each game. Even though disinfectants usually combine many substances, an Alcohol concentration of 60% to 70% is considered optimal for disinfecting purposes.

As an alternative to maintaining bacteria-free bowling shoes, you may soak them in a container and then wash them with clean water and dry them.

How can one clean and disinfect bowling shoes?

One of the most effective methods is to use a UV shoe sanitizer. UV sanitizers eliminate odors and germs from shoes by exposing them to ultraviolet light. They're simple to apply and do a great job of sterilizing your footwear quickly.

Place your bowling shoes in the sanitizer, flip the switch, and they'll be clean and germ-free in a few minutes. Always use UV shoe sanitizer once a week if you bowl often or if you and others share bowling shoes.

Using a UV sanitizer is an easy way to maintain your footwear's cleanliness and sanitary condition, which benefits your health. So, the next time you go bowling, use shoe sanitizer before wearing the shoes.

You may also use a sanitizing wipe to clean your bowling shoes. Wiping with a sanitizer helps clean the bowling shoes and makes them smell and feel new again by removing any dirt, grease, or germs that may have accumulated on them. Moreover, it is an effective measure against the transmission of disease.

What will happen if you don’t spray your bowling shoes after each game?

Infectious illnesses move quickly from person to person; therefore, it's essential to spray bowling shoes before each game. Even if you don't get sick, you might wind up spreading those infections to your family and friends if you don't.

It’s risky if you fail to spray your bowling shoes since it will give the microorganisms a favorable condition for breeding. Here are some of the infections you may suffer from if you fail to spray your bowling shoes:

  • You may suffer from Warts, a painful skin growth that may appear on either foot if germs invade your shoes due to poor hygiene and the accumulation of sweat.
  • Again, you could get an Athlete's foot, a fungal infection caused by wearing worn or unclean shoes.
  • Rashes are another frequent condition you may get if your feet get trapped in socks and shoes, and sweat may spread bacteria from your feet to your shoes, leading to an itchy rash.

What are the advantages of spraying your bowling shoes?

spraying your bowling shoes

Bowling shoe sprays are fantastic since you can use them for more than just cleaning and deodorizing. They have air freshener scents built in to improve the odor of the shoe since the bowling shoes often have a foul smell on the inside from a buildup of sweat and moisture.

Spraying your bowling shoes also helps strengthen them for Longer Use. Poor maintenance is a leading cause of early shoe failure in bowling shoes. In addition, germs and fungus contribute significantly to the decay of bowling shoes' inside.

Deodorizing disinfectants, such as bowling shoe sprays, may eliminate odor-causing bacteria and fungus, allowing you to keep your shoes in top condition and free from the spread of illness. Over time, this will reduce wear and tear on your bowling shoes.

Could there be any adverse reactions if you use a disinfectant on shoes?

Although you may use a disinfectant to disinfect soft surfaces, including clothes and footwear, it is vital to understand that not all materials benefit from disinfectants. Some bowling shoes might lose their flexibility and durability if you use disinfectants.

However, if you apply it cautiously, this is quite unlikely to happen. But, before spraying a whole pair of shoes with a disinfectant, it's wise to give it a test run on a tiny, inconspicuous area.

Can Bowling Shoes Spread Foot Fungus?

Can Bowling Shoes Spread Foot Fungus

Some of the most frequent cause of foot fungus includes bowling shoes, as Fungi flourishes in the damp, dark conditions inside a bowling shoe. Even though everyone has fungi or yeast on their feet, it only becomes a problem when you have broken skin due to tight shoes or heavy seating.

For what period can fungus thrive in shoes?

Fungus is a challenging illness to eliminate, and the fact that it may survive in the shoes for up to two years is a shock to many. You may disinfect shoes using Lysol, anti-fungal sprays, or UV shoe-cleaning machines, among other options.

What can you do to prevent foot fungus?


Limiting your contact with foot fungus is the most effective strategy for fighting the infection. You may avoid getting nail and foot fungus by following the essential precautions.

  • The first thing you should do after working out is to clean and dry your feet. Make sure you thoroughly wash in between your toes.
  • Wear flip-flops or waterproof footwear while using a public shower or pool to avoid exposing your bare feet to germs.
  • Start using over-the-counter lotions as soon as you see any symptoms of the athlete's foot.
  • Since athletes' foot and nail fungus flourishes in warm, moist, dark places, wearing shoes that allow air to circulate and not trap sweat is crucial. You should also regularly change your socks and invest good pair of socks.


Bowling is a great pastime to enjoy with family and friends, but you need to be cautious while renting shoes from bowling centers. You should use only clean and sanitized ones to prevent becoming sick from germs. Bowling alleys utilize a variety of sprays to clean and destroy germs on their bowling shoes.

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